The History of Euratco Ranch

Managed by Ir. Guy Wauters, Euratco Ranch was the first professional ostrich farm in Belgium. Ir. Guy Wauters has a Masters degree in Livestock Farming and has been involved with Ostrich Livestock Management since 1989 whilst working in Zimbabwe for the F.A.O - Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations.

Ir. Guy Wauters was a pioneer of the European Ostrich Industry and has successfully introduced ostrich farming into many countries including Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. As a result of his leadership, Ir. Guy Wauters was elected as the first president of the European Ostrich Association in 1993.

Further recognition for his know-how on ostrich farming has been internationally well recognised - Ir. Guy Wauters was selected by the F.A.O. as the international ostrich expert for development projects.