Ostrich Meat - Premium Choice
Ostrich A tender, lean and healthy piece of ostrich steak has all the taste, colour and texture of beef steak - but with significantly less fat and cholesterol. High in protein and low in calories, Ostrich makes the perfect red meat alternative for discerning consumers in an increasingly health-conscious world.
OSTRICH VERSUS BEEF AND CHICKEN (per 100 grams of cooked lean meat)
Ostrich (eye of round)
2,74 g
25,52 g
2,87 mg
Beef (eye of round)
4,7 g
28,99 g
1,95 mg
Chicken breast
3,57 g
31,02 g
1,04 mg
Source : USDA and Texas A&M University

Euratco ranch can offer you EEC approved fresh and frozen ostrich meat in a wide variety of cuts including steak, fillet, medaillons, trim, etc.

Ostrich medaillons, pre-cut in round slices of 90 g. are of a high uniform quality and are one of our best sellers.

Ostrich meat is appreciated by all high quality restaurants world wide. As a result of the increased demand, ostrich meat is now available in a wide range of value added products including burgers, ground, sausage and a variety of deboned cuts.

And you don’t need to be a chef to prepare it - simply add it to all your favourite, traditional recipes.

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