Why raise ostriches?

Ostrich farming has been a proven industry in South Africa for over 130 years. Although there was a limited demand for ostrich products in Europe during this period, sustainable Ostrich farming only started professionally in 1991/1992.

Ostrich As health concious European consumers realised the benefits of low fat, low cholesterol Ostrich meat, new impulses and new insights into the industry were formed. Egg incubation, chick raising, breeder management and advanced Ostrich farming technology was developed as the demand for consumer products increased.

Pioneers, such as Euratco Ranch, didn’t restrict the expansion of Ostrich farming to Europe - world wide and global expansion has been a major and important aspect of consumer and business awareness. While some countries are still in the breeding phase, many are already suficiently advanced to process and manufacture consumer products.

Ostrich farming answers many criteria positively for a new, profitable and exciting agricultural industry. The ostrich is not only efficient in terms of production but also provides a plethora of very high quality consumer products such as meat, leather, feathers, oil etc.

Ostriches consume less feed than conventional livestock and their breeding is extremely environmentally friendly, less soil and water pollution and an ostrich is a big chicken but grazing like a horse on a pasture!

In order to successfully raise ostriches, you will need to use far more friendly animal raising techniques while restricting the use of drugs, hormones, etc.

Euratco realises that we continue to face the challenges of not making similar mistakes as other domesticated livestock. We are at the beginning of this new industry and should not only produce healthy products but also a happier animal which in turn will provide better quality products. Euratco’s focus is to stimulate this vision with you.

The ostrich will learn to recognise and use your personal unknown capabilities - your intuition! Working with ostriches is working with energy and this will open a whole new world for you.

Ostriches produce some of the world’s finest meat, leather, feathers, oil and other products and they do so at unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Ostriches are far more prolific and far more efficient to raise than cattle. That’s why many cattle ranchers, weary of low profit margins, have turned to raising ostriches.

The productivity of ostriches varies widely, but even a conservative estimate of 20 offspring yearlings a year, based on annual production of 40-50 eggs, compares more favourably than cattle productivity.

200 days
42 days
Offspring per year
Years of production
Days to slaughter from conception
Kgs of meat over 2 years
Amount of skins over 2 years

OSTRICH FARMING : the new alternative for farmers worldwide.